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About me

My name is Sirje and I am a qualified and insured Sports Massage Therapist. I have worked in healthcare over 25 years as a midwife and ICU nurse. Sport has been a part of my life since childhood when I was keen on fencing and in later life sport has been a hobby of mine. My own health issues prompted me to look for alternatives to prescription medications and I found a lot of help. Now I am dedicated to grow and learn more so I can help others. I am continuing my professional development at AECC University College to become a chiropractor.

Sports Massage Therapist
Massage Therapy

My Approach

I have been always interested in and still admire the human body. How unique and clever it can be to protect and heal itself! All of us at some point have been unbalanced, sick, or suffered from injury. It is important for me to find out the root cause of these issues and then support the body´s recovery in appropriate natural way. Knowing the right effective techniques can affect the body for better performance.


One of the effective techniques can be massage as probably the oldest and simplest form of healthcare. Massage can have an extremely good effect on both the physical body and mind, and we should not underestimate it.

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